Leadership speech
Leadership speech

Dear friends:
     Welcome to our website, I would like to represent my company to say thank you very much!
     Looking back over 20 years, Dongyue people rose up in adverse circumstance, with extraordinary efforts and pay, paved an unyielding of entrepreneurship. Twenty years is like a constant notes, retells the Dongyue's glorious past, like a gold medal, embodies the leaders at all levels, the general partners, friends from all walks of life and enterprise employees painstaking effort and sweat! Dongyue will with grateful heart always remember everyone's effort, and to encourage innovation, towards new greater success!
     At present, Dongyue face geographical and human advantage conditions , is developing new plan based on the further development, big span of the new historical starting point. Facing the new situation and new opportunities, we are fully prepared, already made long-term development plan. We will be in refers to under the premise of scientific development and sustainable development, to a special purpose vehicle industry, drive the common development of the project such as key car components. We will unswervingly continue to represent the theme of "innovation, integration, development", go the way to the rise of joint; actively promote the product structure transformation, realize the industry platform to further upgrade; to further promote the company's strategic development plan as the guide, to speed up the construction of modern enterprise system, adapt to enterprise development and construction of advanced enterprise culture, and constantly improve enterprise's soft power, work hard to be Chinese first-class specialized automobile manufacturing industry modern enterprise.
     Dongyue created a brilliant yesterday and is to create a more brilliant tomorrow. We will be accompanied by sincerity and the development of friendship, expand cooperation and broad to establish a win-win strategic partnership in the future. Is willing to pay more attention to friends and integrated into the development of Dongyue, and we work hand in hand to promote our development, in the rise of the Dongyue new cross and achievements of every one of us grand ideals and ambitions, resplendent future!
     Confucius said:“How happy we are, to meet friends from afar! ” We with a sincere sincerity, willing to  cooperate with you, complementary advantages and work together to develop a better future.

 Chairman of the board General Manager:Zhang yang xun


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